Project submission

BHG 2020 Project Submission Guideline

Why a Centralised Project Submission?

As Brainhack Global organization we aim to create a centralized collaborative working platform that would increase the cross-site interactions and networking while giving visibility to the projects run under Brainhack Global events as possible. Creating such a centralized platform and workflow, we aim to encourage sharing the experiences, knowledge, and expertise across parties removing the barriers and allowing contributions of researchers from all around the world with a variety of backgrounds and seniority level.

Given this year Brainhack Global will be run virtually, we would like to create a centralized project submission and listing platform that would allow you submit your initial project call to gather interests from the researchers from every single event location.

The ideal projects should convey ideas in development of tools, methodologies, guidelines and begets to brainstorming new ideas that would facilitate implementation of the open science practices in the neuroscience and create more opportunities for collaborative work and information exchange within the community.

If you would like to get more ideas about

  • how to design your project and expectations from a Brainhack experience,
  • how to lead a project,
  • how to be an attendee of a project,

please read our How to Guideline for Leading and Attending to Brainhack Projects.

How will it work?

Where to start?

In order to submit a project to the Brainhack Global 2020, please follow these steps:

  1. Register with an event listed in Brainhack Global 2020 Events
  2. Create an account at GitHub.
  3. Go to the Brainhack 2020 GitHub Repository.
  4. Click on the New Issue button on the up right.
  5. Create a new issue by clicking the Get Started button beside Project submission template.
  6. Fill the necessary information as asked you to do so.
  7. Please make sure you give as clear and brief information about your project as possible sharing the necessary links that point reviewer/attendees to the right sources/repository and more detailed information about your project.
  8. Please make sure to follow the instructions in How to Guideline for Leading and Attending to Brainhack Projects to increase the diversity and inclusivity in your project work and define the tasks, roles, and the skills that you are expecting from your attendees accordingly. Make sure you have room for the newcomers to give them a chance to learn from the seniors and share their own experiences.
  9. In the skills section you should list the labels that are necessary to the project. This is a very important step since this information will be used in our internal algorithm to match the participants with the projects. We recommend to add labels from the following categories: git_skills_label, modality_label, project_type_label, project_tools_skills_label, tools_label topic_label. Reviewers will add the necessary or missing labels. See the labels list
  10. After you are done filling the required information, open the issue to submit your project to be reviewed.
  11. Do not forget that you can make amendments in your issue template as necessary/required to do so along with and after the review processes.

What happens next?

Once you submit your project, a reviewer from the event that you registered to will follow and review the information in the issue. They may request for changes if necessary. If all necessary data is in place, the project will be marked as ready to be published and will be listed on the Brainhack Global 2020 Projects page within a short delay, and a subpage dedicated to your own project will automatically be created. In the meantime, you can still continue to make changes in your issue as necessary.

This year Brainhack Global 2020 also comes with a new feature to assign the event registrants with the projects across the globe based on the matching between attendees’ expertise/the skill sets they want to acquire and the skills the projects are asking for. The attendees will be automatically sent an email that is listing 3 projects that has the best match with their expertises and expectations to involve in a project. However, the preference of the project they will attend will be left to the attendee themselves. They could either go with the options they are suggested with or they could choose among the other projects listed in the Brainhack Global 2020 Projects page. Based on the communication channels the project leaders lists in their issues, the attendees will contact to the leaders as necessary.

Please make sure that, at the very early stage of the interactions, the attendees might just want to contact you for more information to make sure whether the project is a good fit for their aim to achieve from the Brainhack. Therefore, please make sure you welcome all the attentions and explain your project with care.